Hot Stone Or Shiatsu? The Right Spa Treatment For You

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People enjoy massage therapy for a number of different reasons, whether it be to alleviate the pressure caused by a specific ailment, to reduce stress and anxiety or just to escape the outside world for an hour or two.

Living in Melbourne, a working day may mean you only have an hour to spare. So which massage treatment do you choose? Izumi Massage offers some information regarding both Shiatsu and Hot Stone therapy that can help you choose the right one for you.

Shiatsu: the hands-on approach

The term ‘Shiatsu’ translates to finger pressure. It is a massage where the therapist uses their hands specifically to alleviate pressure points and areas of tension in the body. While the technique originated in China, it has been refined by the Japanese, and is mostly employed to return circulation and to minimise the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, or an injury.

Hot stone massage: The mindfulness approach

Native Americans commonly used fire heated stones for aches and pains in the muscles. But as this treatment has developed a greater association has been put in activating the mind to listen to the body. In the Izumi treatment, river polished stones are heated to a specific temperature and placed across the body on lines where tension can cause blockages. The heat transfers into the deep tissue leading to greater circulation.

Hot stone or Shiatsu?

In terms of technique, Shiatsu is designed to alleviate pressure built up from day to day stress. It is predominantly physical, where the therapist listens to the responses in the body and targets areas of tension. Hot stone massage is developed more for correcting circulation, and the experience is more meditative. Where Shiatsu is very relaxing, the stimulus provided by Hot Stone massage allows for connection to the natural meridian lines in the body, and thus becoming reinvigorated by the awareness.

Determining which massage treatment is right for you comes down to whether the symptoms are physical or mental. Shiatsu is fantastic for relaxation, but is better equipped to reduce physical ailments caused by the day to day. Hot Stone massage is about reconnection between the body and mind, while it can help to reduce soreness the experience is designed to re-energise the relationship between thought and physicality.

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If you are still unsure which treatment is right for you, or you’ve decided and would like to book a session, contact Izumi on (03) 9044 9230. They offer a variety of affordable spa packages designed to promote greater mental and physical wellbeing.

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