Types of Massages offered by Izumi Massage

Different massage disciplines offer different health benefits. So, we have developed, in addition to traditional Japanese Massage, a multi-disciplined approach to our practise.

We offer a more modernised method of massage to appeal and heal our broader range of Melbourne clients.

Our team is trained and qualified in the following massage disciplines:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage concentrates on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and aims to alleviate tightness and restriction. Deep tissue massage allows for tissue detoxification and healing. This type of massage is ideal for pain suffers and those with severe muscle tension.

Remedial Massage

Remedial is the perfect massage to alleviate muscle pain or stiffness. The genital kneading and adjustment will limber up your posture and restore your natural movement by stimulating circulation to the affected area. Remedial massage can be a regular necessity for a lot of people, so we offer health fund rebates available for all major private health insurance holders.

Hot Stone Massage

Ancient cultures in the Americas and Asia used hot stones for centuries as a remedy for aching or sore muscles. The stones offer a warming massage that restores circulation, calms the mind and the nervous system, bringing on a sense of peace and relaxation.

Our stones are heated to comfort and placed on particular pain points and energy centres across the body stimulating the release of tension.

The sensation of the stones re-establishes the connection of body and mind, removing blockages of stress and anxiety and placing you into a relaxed meditative state.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Based on ancient holistic healing procedures from Hawaii the long, luxurious strokes of this massage will take you to nirvana and leave you tranquil and transcendent while restoring your mental and physical fortitude.


Let a therapist, practised in Shiatsu, unravel your burdens with deep body massage. Feel the circulation return, and the tension fade. Shiatsu is the Japanese art of using hands to identify areas of tension or imbalance so with precision pressure and hands trained to listen to your body make sure to take a moment and experience traditional Japanese massage therapy in the heart of Melbourne.

Corporate Massage

We understand the day to day stresses of office life in Melbourne and we know our corporate packages help to reduce stress and increase team morale. Japanese massage is for everyone so treat your employees to one of our affordable packages and see them revitalised and active.

Treat yourself to tranquillity of body and soul. Let us remove the pain, relieve the stress and clear your mind. if you need professional Japanese Massage in Melbourne call us now on 9044 9230.

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