Get The Couples Spa Treatment In Melbourne With Izumi

When you are with someone, seeing them at the end of a long day can put a strain on each other. Whether they are stressed from work, or family or the dog across the street that looks at them funny, that negativity can become contagious. And it does not take long for external negativity to be misinterpreted as stress with the relationship.

If you or your partner are feeling stressed, or anxious about the world, why not escape with each other for a few hours out of a day. Izumi has helped many a couple reconnect with themselves and each other in Melbourne. Our Couples spa treatments offer to rejuvenate what has been so diminished by daily life.

As experts in Japanese Massage, Izumi provides all couples with a perfect potion facial, which leads to a thorough sixty minutes of massage bliss. Our therapists provide a deep tissue massage, paying attention to alleviating the tension and where it is built up in each partner’s body. The methodology behind this comprehensive massage is to reactivate circulation. Encouraging blood flow in turn stimulates better mindfulness about one’s own self. The act of couples doing this together, encourages them to be mindful of themselves and by extension, each other. Starting from the stimulating the head and correcting the body our trained therapists move to the feet. This is where couples receive a luxurious jelly crystal foot spa, followed by a reinvigorating foot scrub. All of this is completed with Izumi’s signature cream massage.

Escaping together to Izumi, you can both share in the pampering. A secret between the both of you, and a way of encouraging positivity, outside of the nine to five. If you are looking to treat your partner, get in touch with us. We offer a range of tailorable packages for individuals, couples and even groups.

Take time for two

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