Hot Stone Massage

Sometimes we forget to pay attention our physical self. Treat your body and restore circulation with a hot stone spa treatment. A warming massage that calms the mind and nervous system, bringing relaxation and the ability to reconnect with your body.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Native Americans used stones heated in fire as a remedy for aching or sore muscles. And when this technique is applied with the knowledge of meridians in the body, it can serve to remove the blockages of stress and anxiety created by our day to day lives.

Stones that are heated to the perfect temperature are placed strategically along the body to stimulate the release of tension. As time passes, the sensation of the stones assists in reconnecting the mind with the body, creating a relaxed almost meditative state.

Izumi and Hot Stone Massage

We understand the benefits of hot stone massage. The meditative benefits as well as those that encourage healthier wellbeing. Our highly trained therapists check that hot stone massage is correct for you and your needs. At Izumi, we use granite stones smoothed by the river; tools provided by mother nature. Then with great care we apply them to the area of need to alleviate deep pressure throughout the body.

Feel rekindled. Feel rejuvenated. See if hot stone massage is right for you today or talk to us about our Spa packages.

Hot Stone Massage

60min 90min
$95.00 $135.00
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