Shiatsu Massage Melbourne

Unburden Yourself with Japanese Massage

Our bodies endure the everyday. Our spine, the centre line, supports us. The body tenses in defence of our stresses, and we push it aside in our minds because there is ever more to do.

But take a moment for yourself. For your body. Let a therapist, practised in Shiatsu, unravel your burdens with deep body massage. Feel the circulation return, and the tension fade, with precision pressure and hands trained to listen to your body. Take a moment and experience traditional Japanese massage therapy.

What is Shiatsu?

Originating from Chinese medicine, Shiatsu is a Japanese refined style of massage utilising the dexterity of the hand to apply specific pressure to tense areas of the body.

The very term ‘Shiatsu’ means finger pressure, and it is the Japanese art of using hands to identify areas of tension or imbalance. Areas where the physical body is affected by the psychological or emotional state of the being.

The Izumi Shiatsu Experience

At Izumi, we utilise Shiatsu as a form of rejuvenation. We focus on your tensest areas, applying a deep massage to the pressure points around the body. We understand that the body can carry mental stress and anxiety as physical symptoms. The aim of the Izumi Shiatsu massage is to reduce these physical obstructions, increasing relaxation and thereby wellbeing.

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